Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hey! I Gotta New Book - Episode 15 Spy Penguins


Hey! I Gotta New Book Podcast

Episode 15


Spy Penguins

 by  Sam Hay and Illustrated by Marek Jagucki


On this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book, Logan and Richard review Spy Penguins. Logan gives us a breakdown on the characters and the organization that the Penguins what to join.  Richard and Logan talk about these two young adventure-loving and gadget-obsessed penguins dream of joining the FBI (Frosty Bureau of Investigation).  


The boys have a fun time talking about Double 0 zero, Agent Q and the investigation to find the missing fish.


What are the cool gadgets that the Penguins use?  What is a rare fish?  Find out that and more about Spy Penguins on this episode of Hey! I Gotta New Book Podcast.

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