Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hey! I Gotta New Book - Episode 4 Hilo Book One

Hey I Gotta New Book Episode 4


by  Judd Winick

On this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book, Richard and Logan review
the first book in the Hilo Series, Hilo:The Boy Who Crashed to Earth. 
Written and Illustrated by Judd Winick , Colors by Guy Major.  

This is one of Logan’s favorite books so he shares the story of how Hilo
comes to earth, meets D.J., and together they battle the Rant,
Obliteratron and Razorwork. Richard interviews Logan about the
character’s, their journey and even discusses a possible spin-off.

The boys have a fun time talking about Hilo, D.J. and Gina. 

What will happen? 

Find out: 
Why is Hilo on Earth and how did he get here?
What color is his underwear?
Who is the biggest strongest Robot?
How many chicken Nuggets do they each give
HILO The Boy Who Crashed to Earth?

So sit back and listen to our review. 

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