Monday, September 7, 2020

Hey! I Gotta New Book - Episode 10 Max Meow Cat Crusader

Hey I Gotta New Book Episode 10
Max Meow Cat Crusader 

by  John Gallagher

On this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book, Logan and Richard

review an early copy of Max Meow Cat Crusader  by John Gallagher.


Max is a podcaster that is given superpowers after biting a

Giant Space meatball. With his great power comes his

responsibility to keep his home town of Kittyopolis safe.

On sale at book stores on October 6th,

Logan and Richard got an opportunity to read and review

the book before it hits the shelves. 

Logan gives a brief synopsis of the story, Richard askes

some key questions.  The boys then dive into the story

of Max and his adventure. Without giving any spoilers

Richard and Logan tell us what they like and don’t like

about the book.


So curl up with your cat and listen to their review. 

You can preorder Max Meow from the author’s website.

Special thanks to Random House and

Net Gallery for providing us with an early review copy

check out other Random House Children's books


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