Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Hey! I Gotta New Book Episode 13: Dogman: Grime and Punishment

Episode 13

Dogman: Grime and Punishment

by  Dav Pilkey

On this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book,  Richard, and Logan review a book in the series that brought the kids together to podcast, DOGMAN: Grime and Punishment by Dav Pilkey. 

Richard, and Logan break down the story and the characters.  We learn some of the background to Petey and his relationship with his dad.  Along the way we discover Dogman’s can’t stop protecting people even if he is FIRED from the police force.  The kids give us their thoughts on the story and how many chicken nuggets the story is worth.  Spoiler at the bottom of this post.

Will Dogman get his job back?

Can Petey forgive and forget?

Will rose gardens ever be the same? 

Find out this and so much more on this episode of Hey! I Gotta New Book Podcast

So sit back and listen to our review. 

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